Transcultural competence profile

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The complex interdisciplinary work on the Transcultural competence profile is now giving way to our very innovative Transcultural competence profile designed for future transition mentors in ELFC working with transcultural beneficiaries.

Its development from 10/2018 to 10/2019 based upon the recommendations of core competences in ELFC published by the National Centre for Early Prevention in Germany (NZFH, 2014).

After a review of international literature as well as empirical research (in-depth interviews conducted in Austria, Finland, Germany, Kosovo and Switzerland) with ELFC professionals and migrant parents of young children, the authors collected experiences in the receiving countries, regarding the support received or not to progress in the prolonged arrival phase. This enabled a focus on particular transitions phases. More interviews with professionals and voluntary workers reflected the challenges and facilitating factors they encountered in their practice of mentoring the transitions phases.

Three framing categories emerged, along with four different transition phases (administrative, interface, relationship, and participation management), each associated with particular action competences and corresponding assessment criteria.

In addition, Boundary management, a set of action competences (and relevant assessment criteria) emerged, transcending all transition phases, with the competences which transition mentors should be able to draw upon throughout their work.

This made it possible to highlight in this document the main transcultural action competences.

This tool written by Birgit Jentsch (DJI); Regina Klein (formerly of CUAS); Mareike Paulus (DJI); Filippo Bignami (SUPSI) & Eva Sandner (DJI), is based on a collaboration of our partners in Austria, Finland and Kosovo supporting the authors by conducting interviews, providing case studies and feedback.


If you need to refer to this document please, refer to the document accordingly: Jentsch, Birgit; Klein, Regina; Paulus, Mareike; Sandner, Eva & Bignami, Filippo. 2020. The TOBP Transcultural Competence Profile. NZFH, SUPSI, CUAS.