Project Description

According to United Nations, the central issue of migration in contemporary post-industrial societies is not-recognizing foreign qualifications and prior education of the newcomers (UN 2016). We decided to tackle this challenge and make a change in the fields of recognition as well as labor market and higher education innovations.

Cognition precedes recognition. With this statement in mind, we are trying to minimize transition barriers faced by migrants, especially the ones in double transition situation, starting their family life after arriving in new country.

In the Early Life Family Care (ELFC) sector there exists clear shortage of cultural-sensitive knowledge and skills. On the other hand, the migrants and refugees themselves present plenty of unused potential in this respect. We strive to unlock this unused potential by using Participatory Action Research (PAR) in order to co-create Transcultural Case Studies and Learning Scenarios (to be consecutively found in Open Access Inventory) and assist migrants and refugees in becoming the Transition Mentors, someone who´s skills present potential for needed and rather missing, intersectional kind of occupation.

Our efforts were supported by the E+HE project stream for the period of time September 2018-August 2021. The project Transcultural Open Badge Platform for Migrant’s Transition Mentoring in Early Life Family Care (TOBP) consist of consortium of research and higher education organizations from five European countries who are cooperating with local, small and/or social enterprise institutions, either in the field of ELFC, IT-Technology or Social Welfare and Networking.

The procedures of the TOBP project shall gradually result into creating TransRECOLand, enabling barrier-free transitions, providing recovery and outlining recognition for the concerned groups of people, ranging from pregnant women, mothers, fathers, babies, toddlers, aspiring to become Transition Mentors, included members of society who could fully use and flourish their potential.