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The central issue of migration in contemporary post-industrial societies is not-recognizing foreign qualifications and prior education of the newcomers (UN 2016). We are tackling this challenge by imposing changes in the fields of labor market and higher education innovations,
as well as recognition. Cognition precedes recognition. With this statement in mind, we focus on minimizing transition barriers faced by migrants, especially those in double transition situation, starting family life after arriving in new country.

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Invitation to the launching event of our Transcultural Ressources Learning Platform for Migrant’s Mentoring in times of double transition situations! Come and get your first microcredentials!
Our TOBP final dissemination event will take place on 15th July from 10.00 am to 17.00 pm to launch the Transcultural Open Badges ressources Platform for Migrant’s Transition Mentoring in Early Life Family Care. After...
Open Badges collecting Event at Heimerer College, Kosovo!
Heimerer College together with international partners this Wednesday held our next event for one of our Erasmus + funded projects. Hybrid work session at Heimerer College, Kosovo The TOBP-Transcultural Open Badge Platform for Migrant's Transition...
TOBP Transcultural Competence Profile ready!
The realisation of the Transcultural Competence Profile, one of the central element of the TOBP project (Transcultural Open Badge Platform for Migrants' Transition Mentoring in Early Life Family Care) is now ready! Various professional from...