TOBP Transcultural Competence Profile ready! (15.03.2021)

The realisation of the Transcultural Competence Profile, one of the central element of the TOBP project (Transcultural Open Badge Platform for Migrants’ Transition Mentoring in Early Life Family Care) is now ready!

Various professional from different fields (nurses, healthcare and social workers) and horizons (european organisations from higher education, praxis, and research) have worked in co-creation around case studies carried out in the consortium partners’ countries to create a new professional profile called Transition Mentor. This new profile will improve the recruitment of professionnals, will fill the identified skills gaps, and enable the opening of an open badges online environment for open recognition with digital learning material, setting new standards for transcultural management to support migrant families care during their transition into parenthood. This will lead to the direct possibility to train and recruit migrants as Transition mentors understanding the various transitions pathways, to efficiently support other migrant families.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend our event online and in Pristina (Kosovo) on 19th May 2021, or to our final hybrid event on 15th July 2021 in Brussels (Belgium) to test our digital environment and collect your first open badges!

More information on the Transcultural competence profile (in German in CUAS Newsletter):

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