Welcome (07.09.2018)


Welcome to the Project Website of Transcultural Open Badge Platform in EARLY LIFE FAMILY CARE!

This website serves the purpose of introducing the project and keeping you up to date, meaning this site is work in constant progress.

Transcultural Open Badge Platform for Migrant’s Transition Mentoring in Early Life Family Care (TObP) is an EU-project spanning over three years focusing on non-recognition of foreign qualifications and prior learning. Methodologically leaning on participatory action research, we aim to kill two birds with one stone by to gaining recognition for the migrants’ transcultural competences and improving the existing ELFC services by aligning them better with the needs of the migrants.

The most important output of the project will be an online learning platform, which will employ a wide range of e-learning solutions and utilize open badges as the means of making learning and competences visible. With the help of the platform we aim to establish a new job profile called Transition Mentor.

We hope you will join us in this exciting adventure!